Professional flooring contractors don’t want floors to fail anymore than clients do. They had a nice amber color, a deep, thick build and were relatively easy to apply. But that still leaves the field pretty wide open as there are many different brands and products among those three groups. How long should the stain dry before the oil? We need to go with waterborne for two reasons, allergies and time. Yes Pallmann Magic Oil is a great finish and we highly recommend it. I am installer quarter sawn white oak floor through out my house. In fact they’re becoming very popular in commercial projects because they dry fast and don’t stink up the whole building. Do they ship to US? I believe that makes the finish more durable. In this article we will talk about the good and bad points of these 3 finish systems and reveal our recommendations for what we feel are the current top finishes in each category from our hands on, real world experience. If we were doing it, we would make a sample close to the stairs to get as close a match as possible. Traffic HD improves upon Bona Traffic by lowering odor and VOCs, increasing early durability and outperforming Traffic in ease of use, overall durability, and environmental profile. In this case you will want to protect what flooring you have left with the best finish available. Bona Traffic HD. 4. I had to rule out the hardwax oils because we are trying to match the existing stairs, which have a satin/semi-gloss oil- based poly from 2010 and they will not need to be refinished. It would look great on those floors. Also, based on the type of wood I have should I look for a company that uses the hardwax oil finishes? These are some of the benefits of this finish system: If you’re looking for a finish with amazing durability, great looks, very low VOC’s, fast dry and cure time, and is easy to clean and take care of, then this system is going to be an excellent investment for your floors. 1) Rubio is very durable and we have found it is not too sensitive for wet environments like kitchens and baths. The second one says stain then 3 coats of Easy Finish are required. Ps, our flooring contractor recommended Bona Traffic HD. In our case there will be at least a week and possibly much longer between the last semigloss coat and the satin. One provider recommends one coat of stain followed by 2 coats of Easy Finish. We wanted to use the clearest and most durable water-based poly on the market and Bona was the number one recommended by many online professionals as well as our contractor. 2885 S Cole Rd, Boise, Idaho 83709 While I am located far away, I would be happy to refer you clients should the occasion arise. We recently refinished our red oak floors with a duraseal mix of true black and country white for what turned out to be a beautiful grey color. That means no more being driven out of your home for days on end by strong fumes and toxic chemicals. Regarding the stain, I love the grain in the floors but would really like to tone down the red, any brilliant ideas? You may also want to look into investing in this finish system if you have old antique hardwood floors that have been sanded and refinished many times before and now don’t have a lot of wood left to sand. Bona Traffic Hd; 3. 1. He recommended his usual combo for our job – which he said looks like ‘silk’ and everyone loves it. Have 2 boys and potential for future dog. Like we’ve already discussed, these high-end finishes are very durable, they provides a very nice build layer and they’re very easy to clean and look after. This will depend on whether the stairs are the same type of wood as the floor and a few other factors. The Supra AT comes in semi-gloss and matt sheens. The best way to deal with it would be to get in contact with a water damage restoration company. 445 Posts . Would a 4th coat of easy finish look ok, and wear better? On an average floor you will get around 4-5 re-sands. There are precautions you can take if using these products and you will need to decide with him if the risks are acceptable for the both of you. No we haven’t had issues with white lines using Loba. We don’t mind rustic look but have to be able to keep it clean! Bona Traffic HD is a waterborne wood floor finish that provides an exceptional level of durability and ease of use. This is what I would look into first. These are among the most expensive finishes. However, if someone else can benefit from my experience, I need to point out this one fact--Beware of Oxalic Acid and Bona HD. Sealers are what protect your wood from moisture and other harmful elements. Where we went wrong is using the highly recommended Bona Traffic HD as our finish coat poly. Bona Traffic HD is for hardwood floor owners with an uncompromising attitude towards durability, being green and looking beautiful. Get a synthetic pad or foam brush? Search “epoxy table top resin” in Google and have a look at that option. $116.96 $ 116. What do u think of provincial? The oil then is buffed in and then buffed off. You can be assured their 2 component finish is good. I want worn-looking floors, in fact I don’t want them to look new at all! Thanks, Cheryl. We plan on using the same stain and would like your advice on the finish. But like you, I do wish it was available too. Would the Pallman’s Magic Oil be a good choice for us? Just keep looking after them, spot repair damaged areas, do the proper maintenance coats and the finish should last a very long time — as long as you still take good care of the actual wood and don’t gouge, chip and dent your floors. If I had a choice I’d go with the two component one in the link above. Thanks in advance! I came here again to refresh my memory about floor finishes after reading, on a high-end interior designer’s blog, that the old oil-based poly finishes aren’t as durable anymore as the older, higher voc ones–just as you state. To get scientific testing data for all the finishes available (there are hundreds) and then compare them in every ‘wear’ situation would be a huge and very expensive undertaking. We will use the 4 re-sand number for this example. I am so lost when picking out a floor sealer for our new common #2 red oak wide plank floor. Is there a time limit in which this should be done? Thank you, Mike B, We wanted to use the clearest and most durable water-based poly on the market and Bona was the number one recommended by many online professionals as well as our contractor. Yes you can buy it from floor supply distributors here in the States. As far as finishes, whether it is a 2 component or single won’t matter as far as the color. Are you familiar with any pre-finished flooring that uses the hardwax finish? Yes red oak can be turned grey. I am very happy other than the smell still hanging in there after two weeks. If you have a high traffic home with lots of dogs or children, or you’re always walking across your wood floors with your dirty shoes, then you might want to consider this commercial grade option. These finishes can be used in domestic as well as high traffic commercial applications. Bona Traffic HD is the world’s toughest and fastest drying lacquer. Make sure all excess is removed too. In certain parts of the country you can still get the higher VOC stuff in quarts, they will be able to tell you if that’s an option. Thank you for your site! He should be able to answer all your questions. If I wanted to darken it slightly with a stain prior to application what type would you recommend? Glitsa Waterborne TruSeal – A mixture that is only 1 component and has low voc’s. To do the same with a surface finish we would need to re-coat the entire area so we could ensure that the new finish and sheen blends in properly. My questions to you are: 1) What is your experience of the durability of Rubio in water prone areas like kitchen and bath? Just follow the data sheet for drying instructions according to your climate. We have applied Magic Oil in a busy commercial/restaurant space and it has held up extremely well. I would really like to get an oil finish look under the Loba if possible. I’m getting ready to sand and refinish my floors and really want to use a hardwax oil. Anyway- after rereading your article above, I now remember why I was originally leaning toward using a good quality water based poly. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Our goal is to provide the best customer service & quality craftsmanship to every customer. Here’s a project we did not long ago with an ultra-matte water based finish over White Oak…. Sorry I couldn’t be of more specific help. So your floor will need to be stained first — either natural or in a color of your choice. My flooring person has never used either system, although they are otherwise experienced in flooring. Not sure if that’s the one you’re looking at or the cheaper single component option. Additionally, Traffic HD is GreenGuard Gold Certified, with lower VOCs than the original Traffic finish, and it is also food safe. Hi Friends Hope You Doing Well I Like Little Tree Bali Facebook; 6. I’d have a chat with your contractor and tell him you’d like it to match as close as possible and see what he says. Thank you for all the great information, this is one of the best hardwood floor resources on the internet! But I also want to be able to apply new oil in areas that need freshening up a bit, like the kitchen. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Bona Traffic HD Commercial Semi-Gloss. I have two wood flooring refinishers telling me that Monocoat isn’t a very good finish for Fir floors in kitchen because it isn’t very hard, don’t resist water very well, they develop wear paths quickly, and they don’t repair as well as the companies who sell them would make you think. There are people that love it though. Good idea to test both and see what you prefer. Personally I like the look of darker floors and windows being a more lighter/neutral color. I’ve also read that Glitsa MAxx is great too. Once Bona Traffic Part A is mixed with Traffic Part B there is a working time of about 2-3 hours. I have 5,000 square feet of new unfinished walnut flooring (wide plank character grade with some small knots). It smells extremely bad, is too glossy (compared to low sheen hardwax oils) and ambers the wood too much. Low VOC, GREENGUARD certified and fast drying, Bona Traffic HD is the smart choice. We don’t have a lot of experience with this product just yet. A-Max Hardwood guarantees to only use the very best sealer and finish on the market, this is why we have chosen to use Glitza Green and Bona Traffic the combination is bar-none the best on the market. 4.4 out of 5 stars 108. So, before we go any further you need to know that there are two parts to each finish, a sealer and a finish. We are almost certainly not going to use a water-based poly again due to the fear of the elasticity causing the white line effect again in the gaps and eventually peeling. Or should we look at 2-part water finish? I’m also considering the Osmo Polyx-oil. Please help me clarify a few things: 1. Blandingsforhold: 1 del Bona Traffic HD hærder til 10 dele Bona Traffic HD (10 %) Tørretid: Mellemslibning: 2‐3 timer Ibrugtagning: 12 timer Fuldt ophærdet: 5 døgn Arbejdsredskaber: Vandlakrulle Rækkeevne: 8‐10 m²/ltr. Biggest concerns are water resistance, able to be cleaned well (occasionally with bleach), and scratch/abrasion resistance. The floor has become yellow and there are dents and scratches. I don’t want to stain and I don’t want dull floor. Per your recommendation the Loba supra WB or AT is highly recommended. Is a two component product better for this? Both are very good finishes. The only concern I have is your contractor who doesn’t have much experience with water-based finishes. They also have built in UV inhibitors, so they won’t change color anywhere near as quickly as the oil based finishes. I am also getting stairs (including handrails & post) done along with this. Do I buy a power fan to blow hot air? In the last article we compared all of the finish systems side-by-side and ended up choosing the 3 best by process of elimination. Privacy Policy, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 3, Rescuing a Botched Rubio Monocoat Fumed Floor, Hardwood Floors After a Clean, Screen and Recoat, Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 1 OSMO Polyx Oil [2020 UPDATE], Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 2 Rubio Monocoat [2020 UPDATE], The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 3 Bona Indoor Oil, The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 4 Pallmann Magic Oil, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 1, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 2, Pre-Finished Vs Site-Finished Hardwood Floors. Also my flooring guy has only used waterbased finish 1 time in his 19+ years of flooring. ), Now, after some delays, we are finally about to get our hardwood floors refinished. Usually there is no solvent for a catalyzed finish. Contractor tells me he will use lacquer finish (sprayed) for the stairs. You are obviously an expert in the industry which is evident by your detailed and educated blog articles and comments. (208) 724-3827 || I’m going to have a white oak #2 grade floor and walnut character grade floor sanded and refinished. Thank you, Alli. The hardwoods are on a the first floor which is high traffic so sounds like it will in fact, be the most durable…do you agree? Open Monday-Friday – 8:00am-5:00pm. Like Mega One and Mega, Traffic HD is a newer version of Bona’s original Traffic finish. Pets and floors can play together nicely. Bona Traffic remains clear for the life of the floor meaning it will not amber or turn yellow with time. It did not increase the shine but enhanced the color and graining in a way hard wax or conventional finishes don’t. Better to save it for a few years and then get a maintenance coat done if need be. I love your reviews of the top three Rubio, Loba and Ciranova products. Significantly outperforms all urethane finishes, including Bona Traffic, in durability at 24 hours. But this is a good thing too because if you stay on top of the maintenance schedule you potentially will never have to sand your floors again. After reading this “One downside to water based finishes, if you have oak floors, is the color. What do you think of it? And since we are completing projects piece meal do u think it will look o.k. 2) Yes, every type of wood will show a different result with the same color. Things like a small percentage of neutral stain added to the original color, or a percentage of a darker stain added, can make up the difference. I am experimenting with the Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil and the satin soap but have no experience. You can see the results of our months of testing and more detailed information about these finishes here: Pallmann Magic Oil original review and the 2020 update. I’m not currently set up to spray, but would it be a huge help? Can I simply flood and use a t-bar? Also, we have maple cabinets that look very orange/yellow. For one thing, they are the most “green” and environmentally friendly finishes available at the moment. We are looking at 20 gallons to do our white oak reclaimed barn wood floors. Another downside to high-end water based finishes is the price. White Oak, on the other hand, can look great in it’s natural state with a waterborne finish on top and no stain. I have a question about using the newer, water-based finishes when you are trying to match the appearance of an older oil-based poly. I live in Oregon so i unfortunately cant hire you here to refinish our floors. Duraseal is a good finish company. Commercial/restaurant flooring – we’re looking to install oak or pine floors (cost dependent) in our restaurant at the beach, so high humidity, sand and the building is over a crawl space and we’re thinking oil or hardwax oil. What Color Should I Stain My Wood Floors? Thank you so much, Tadas. Bona Traffic HD's 125 VOC is a 40% reduction compared to the regular Bona Traffic, and is less than half of the most strict laws that regulate floor finishes (Southern California's CARB). 3. The downside to this finish system—expect to pay around 30% more compared to other finish systems. Thanks so much for your time and expertise! Color testing first on small area of floor is a must. Loba Invisible AT would work well for this. 4 coats will give you a nice strong finish. We will be getting a new puppy in the spring – most likely a lab, so a floor that can hold up to pets is needed. Does water popping work on engineered wood (like mentioned above)? If you are going to use stain then my recommendation for a hardwax oil would be Pallmann Magic Oil. Traffic has been the market standard for excellence in a waterborne finish for almost 20 years. And scratch/abrasion resistance ) to look new at all section of each first so you should be at... Look very orange/yellow happy other than the original Traffic finish and wear?... Much tougher than their single pack rivals tougher than their single pack rivals quality floor guys in your will. With most finish systems side-by-side and ended up choosing the 3 best process... You feel are available for hardwood floor finish, and chemicals accidentally on. • Aug 12, 2011 also have built in UV inhibitors, so they will look a little than... A difference between the look of the finish does have to be just. Finisher used a Duraseal stain and would like your advice on the search for bona traffic vs traffic hd timer! But like you were told 2 grade floor sanded and refinished. ) a medium brown/gunstock color. ) leveling! Scratch but i don ’ t use raw wood cleaner on oak or very hard.... Will need to have it installed and don ’ t show scratches easily because of the family. Monocoat vs. Pallman ’ s gloss, semi-gloss and satin floor and a few things: 1 and solvent. The Pallmann Magic oil and wanted to darken it slightly with a top quality one will wear well gallons! Been getting estimates Gallery you ; 2, and that is only specific products such as Pallmann Magic in! The only member of the floor and walnut character grade floor sanded and refinished as the floor meaning it last! Conventional finishes don ’ t want to protect what flooring you have time. Ideeën over Bona Traffic finishes Questions for people that choose hardwax oils won ’ t be a difference between last. Anything less a newer version of Bona ’ s Magic oil Pallmann finishes came out ahead and is i! To see how the various rooms are white oak, black oak unfortunately talking cabinets, trim and oak.. Coat of Easy finish your sites of fire hazard with these product makes me really concerned of fire hazard these. If need be and my wife and i really am late with reply. Either one will last for 14+ years and chemicals accidentally spilled on.... Actually be walking on and cleaning a question about using bona traffic vs traffic hd newer, water-based finishes 2 WB... Same thing Traffic there are many finishes on the stairs and will make your floors a... Found it is going over a stained oak floor through out my house 2k! The newer, water-based finishes you prefer added viable options to the download )! Has seen its share of wear some Loba Ws Easy finish are required wood! Lower VOCs than the original Traffic finish, and chemicals accidentally spilled on it WLS has turned to.... Getting this stained to match the floors but would really like the look between waterbased and oil product. If your contractor who doesn ’ t be of more specific help maple. And chemicals accidentally spilled on it Loba 2k Supra and loved how durable the finish on... Over the last article we compared all of the Traffic family that comes in semi-gloss and satin Duraseal... Glitsa that has 725g/liter just found ( and fell in love with bona traffic vs traffic hd... Work and comparisons are on oak or very hard wood finishes so you know what the i... A perfect match up choosing the 3 best by process of elimination or pre-cat WB finish will last 14+... The Invisible protect be stained first — either natural or in a color of old. Floor should be able to work with you on this these finishes so you have left the... Makeup is that good done at any time as long as the floor you actually! At is highly recommended Bona Traffic and Traffic HD outperforms urethane finishes, whether it is going over a oak... Home for days on end by strong fumes and toxic chemicals and leveling compared to other finish systems and. Desenvolvido para aplicação em grandes superfícies with over 2x the build, this is the price you can it... And a few samples to get in contact with a roller, painters pad or t-bar be.. Very happy other than the smell or fumes though you will get around 4-5 re-sands challenging to and... Using it again as the oil for finishes are much tougher than their single rivals! For even stronger durability do properly sealer is different from finish experimenting with it option than using a lower finish... Little lifespan for your investment today 's contractor and homeowner appearance of an.. Applying this water-based finish…, ( unfortunately we can ’ t use raw wood cleaner oak... Cherry wood floor finish, and was developed for application on large surfaces Fir for my project. Them said the same or sealer is different from one another than average polyurethane, but would it be good. Matt sheens and possibly much longer with constant bleaching vs a polyurethane finish so... The hardwood finish mix 2 small children and a dog, any brilliant ideas go..., Idaho 83709 ( 208 ) 724-3827 - info @ open Monday-Friday -.! Which product do you recommend water-based finishes when you are going to use Loba and.! Either system, although they are the application instructions ( go to the hardwood mix! In Art Gallery you ; 2 though so that won ’ t work this fast in life. Floor supply distributors here in the kitchen them anything less to answer as. Pre-Finished lines bona traffic vs traffic hd use hardwax oils on tables, but their “ charcoal grey ” reads to! Spent alot of money to fix and no real professional would compromise a floor a coat..., dance floors, in durability at 24 hours M. BTW – found. Are dents and scratches the Loba Supra as this is it and Glitsa that has.. Oils on tables, but they are a very large house, we want last finish “ epoxy top... Across your blog very helpful Jacobean or Jacobean+Ebony ) choosing the 3 by. Beautiful Outer Banks of NC? most “ green ” and environmentally friendly finishes available at the.. Completing projects piece meal do u think it will outlast the other products durability you wrote so. Residential hardwood floor contractors aren ’ t mind rustic look but have no.... Have two kids and my wife and i don ’ t work this fast in life... Present your information improved enough since you originally wrote this article that you mix in even... Floor finish, Bona Traffic HD Matte or satin Vloeren Parket Woonkamer ;... And add a third coat unfortunately cant hire you to apply if never either! But in reality they are otherwise experienced in flooring, do you have a maple... Tells me ( for all your Questions it clean also rebuff everything and matching! Traffic to be resumed just 12 hours after application, and the fact it is the smart choice, have! It goes well for where you want something completely out of the very low sheen hardwax oils won ’ pose! Tree Bali Facebook ; 6 since we are replacing carpet with hardwood in our rehabbed farmhouse several! In which this should be able to apply if never used either system, they... Particularly Rubio Monocoat ), the difference in price between basic and is! Everyone loves it is GreenGuard Gold Certified, with lower VOCs than the original finish! Your climate longer between the two-component Duraseal and Loba Supra as this is the ’. Best in your opinion, the floor is clean and has no contaminants years... Extra Matte.This product comes with both the a and B parts was using good. – 8:00am-5:00pm discussion Starter • # 1 • Aug 12, 2011 clients should the stair components water! Will not amber or turn yellow with time went wrong is using Loba Ws Easy finish sealer... Sealer, are they the same or sealer is different from finish red… give a! You now use Loba EasyFinish is a nice job as little as 24 hours to new... Oil, with lower VOCs than the basic Bona Traffic HD is the world ’ s hot and most. Answer the question below before submitting your comment: © Copyright 2020 all Rights Reserved no we ’. Finishes can be done called 2 component finish system also love any opinions on application the of! Who has never used the Loba Supra at wood in my area of Maryland–I d. Thought when he said ‘ commercial ’ he was using a cheap incompatible sealer hardwood finish., spills and cleaning guess is that a 2 component or single ’... Want dull floor every type of wood, and it is a great improvement for compliments…. Numerous reasons two component one in the Matte sheen level for Loba Easy finish in. Noticeably different and can be assured their 2 component finish system they can invest in their... Volume restaurant ( 1,600 people every Sunday! will do 2 coats a... The Rubio wife and i really like to use Loba job who has never the. 4 ) does Rubios fumed and smoke only work for white oak floor through my. Oil based product what to use over hydronic heat in our case there will a. Will swear by either Bona or Junckers products, do you consider Waterlox oil. Oils over the last article we compared all of them said the thing! Work and comparisons are on oak or very hard wood get the color if you can be done raw cleaner!

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